Skater Boy Android review

Skater Boy Android reviewIf developer Runnergames had its finger on the pulse, it might’ve called Skater Boy sk8er boi and included a cheeky rip-off of the fantastic song of the same name.

Alas, Avril Lavigne is entirely absent from Skater Boy, even in an unofficial capacity. Strike one, Runnergames. Strike one.

I presumed that Skater Boy was one of them side-scrolling travel-as-far-as-you-can type games, but it’s split into easily digestible chunks and has more in common with Sonic the Hedgehog’s early levels – where speed is of the essence.

The touch controls are fairly minimal. You move automatically from left to right, but you can give your little dude a speed boost by tapping the icon in the bottom left, while the icon in the bottom right is used to jump. And, uhm, that’s it in terms of controls.

Tony Hawk’s aficionados will inevitably be disappointed at the lack of trickery on offer in Skater Boy. Literally the only option you have is to tap jump in midair before landing on an obstacle to alter the grind type. That’s it.

In each of Skater Boy’s levels there are three achievement possibilities: one for completing the level without losing any of your five lives; one for collecting all five golden trophies; and one for grabbing the high score.

However, there’s no incentive to earn achievements. If you were so inclined, you could quite happily breeze through Skater Boy ignoring them completely. Er, much like I did.

At the moment, Skater Boy offers 90 levels (with more on the way): 30 town, 30 forest and 30 cemetery. They’re all much of a muchness really. For example, the town’s barrel obstacle becomes a gravestone in the cemetery. Meh.

Skater Boy is free, and currently riding high in the Android Market’s Top Free Games. Good to see the outrageous Mission Impossible still in there too. Of course, being free, Skater Boy is riddled with ads, and unfortunately there’s no option to get rid of ‘em.

On the plus side, Skater Boy looks really good, and the tune is pretty decent too. And, most importantly, it’s actually quite fun to play. That might come as a bit of a surprise since I’ve been largely negative in my review. Oops. Don’t let me put you off.


  • Looks good
  • Sounds good
  • It’s free


  • Heavy on the ads – no getting rid of them
  • Very few tricks to perform
  • Samey

Summary: Skater Boy could really benefit from more trickery; the skateboarding element is almost redundant. However, even in its current form, it’s still quite enjoyable.

Developers: Runnergames

Requires: Android 2.1 (Eclair) or above.

Price: free @ Android Market

Skater Boy Android review

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