Sky Mobile to launch as Vodafone MVNO?

Sky Mobile to launch as Vodafone MVNO?

Convergence is where it’s at for the big entertainment guys, with Virgin Media and TalkTalk kindly offering to satisfy all four of your telecoms needs, namely TV, landline, mobile phone and broadband. BT looks set to join the "quad" players soon, having struck up a deal with EE.

Not to be outdone, Sky appears to be interested in MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) action, possibly piggybacking Big Red Vodafone.

That’s the story over on Mobile Today, which reports that Sky recently handpicked 200,000 of its customers to participate in a Vodafone-flavoured mobile trial.

Alternatively, instead of a full-on MVNO situation, Sky and Vodafone might simply target their services at each other’s customer bases, perhaps with exclusive deals, though that sounds a little namby-pamby to us.

The pair already has a relationship – Sky Sports Mobile TV serves as one of Vodafone’s 4G entertainment packs – and clearly they’re interested in taking things beyond second base fondling.

Speaking last week, Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch suggested the current relationship with Vodafone “could grow into something more meaningful. It depends how successful it is. Obviously we are trying to find something different to offer with them versus other things in the marketplace.”

Anyone here handpicked for the Sky Vodafone mobile trial thingamajig? Hit us up below.

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