Skype for Windows Phone beta available

Skype for Windows Phone beta available

A beta version of the long-expected Skype client for Windows Phone has been released. It can do all the basic stuff you'd expect, such as chatting and calling other Skype users and of course any regular phone number.

Video calling works as well, and will fall back on the rear camera for those Windows Phone devices without a front-facing camera (which is most of them right now).

Being a pre-release version, the Skype beta may not be completely stable, and the current build lacks many features that will be implemented in the final version, which is expected to follow in April.

Among the missing features are multi-language support, with the only language currently being English, full multitasking – while you can seamlessly switch between Skype and other apps without hassle, you won't be able to receive notifications for incoming calls and chat messages when the application is not in the foreground – and a host of smaller issues and bugs that are detailed on the official Skype Garage Blog.

Despite these shortcomings, the app is pretty responsive and very well designed, fully embracing the Metro style. Plus, Windows Phone users have been waiting long enough for a proper Skype application, especially after the company was acquired by Microsoft last June.

Download Skype on the Windows Phone Marketplace, or directly visit this link from your phone.

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