Skype integration for webOS

Skype integration for webOSThe Pre3, first announced back in February, is finally set to land next month. The news that the SIM free price might be around £350 raised more than a few eyebrows recently, and we’ve got more webOS news courtesy of webOSBlog.

The Germans are telling us (er, via a Google translation) that webOS 2.2 will feature some sexy Skype integration.

A series of leaked images shows the Skype/webOS integration in action, and it’s specifically designed to make Skype use as easy as possible. For example, from the contacts page, you can choose whether to place your call via Skype or your normal mobile operator.

There’s also said to be an option to set dialing preferences, so you can choose to always use Skype if dialing internationally. Not too shabby. There’s support for video calls too, so you can put your Pre3’s front-facing camera to good use.

Clove expects stock of the Pre3 in “early July”.

via: BGR

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