Skype for iPad: video-calling gets some tablet love

Skype for iPad: video-calling gets some tablet loveFancy some face time without having to use FaceTime? Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Skype for iPad has landed and is there in black, blue and white in the App Store.

And it looks like it's landed for good - which is great, considering the last time it appeared in the App Store, it was pulled almost instantly because of a "premature release".

Just a few days ago, we told you how a leaked YouTube video almost confirmed the existence of such a FaceTime competitor, meaning an end to the horrible stretched iPhone version on your beloved tablet. Skype itself also confirmed there was a bit of iPad loving in the offing.

Skype says that the iPhone version has been hugely successful and that the user base doubled within a month. And for those who've struggled to get FaceTime working on various devices, we breathe a sympathetic sigh of relief.

We wonder what's going on in Cupertino though - with various apps refused entry into the iOS family due to Apple's policy of banning apps which duplicate its own, we'd expect this to have been given the shove. But Skype says Apple has been "super supportive."

We can't think why. In the meantime, get video calling - just in case it disappears again.

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