Skype Video Messaging for all!

Skype Video Messaging for all!Time was, you called a guy and he didn’t answer, you left a voicemail. But that’s so last century, man.

Skype has announced that its video messaging service has finally come out of beta, and is now available to, like, everyone.

Of course, Skype is often used internationally, since it’s free. Well, it demands a data or Wi-Fi connection obvs, but there’s no extra charge whether you’re calling Michigan or Melbourne (and assuming you’re both on Skype; you can pay to call mobile and landline numbers and that).

But with that blessing comes the curse of time zones, and as such it can be hard to pin down contacts in foreign lands.

With that in mind, Skype invites you to record your voice and body, and send the pairing in the form of a video. Maybe you want to say happy birthday, or remind your other half what they’re missing. It's all good, up to 180 seconds.

The announcement was made on the Skype blog, and the tags at the side confirm compatibility with Android, iOS (including iPad) and even BlackBerry.

Oddly, there’s no specific mention of Skype video messaging on Windows Phone, which is pretty weird considering Microsoft owns Skype. Lady Khan does write, however: “Video messaging is now available to all Skype users.” Hmm.

In any case, Skype video messaging costs exactly this much: nothing. Good stuff.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 18, 2013 at 12:07

This edition of Skype was code-named "PRISM", right? :p

(anyhoo... I always hated Skype. But for blocking it on jailbreak devices they can ki*s my butt - even though I have no iDevice currently)


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