Small powerful Windows Phone?

Is there a small powerful Windows Phone i.e. one that has high-end specs but not a giant 6-inch screen?!

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 3, 2014 at 23:23

The 5in Nokia Lumia 930 - quad-core etc etc... Gorgeous, but bulkier than some Android 5-inchers.
The best, imho, is the Lumia 1020. It is now heavily discounted, and under WP 8.1/Cyan it's very fast - the one I use is definitely faster than the newer 930 and 1520. And it has THAT 41MP Pureview camera!!! Nice size, too, for my fairly average hands.
The new Lumia 830 isn't shabby, either, but again - is a 5 incher small?
Oh, and don't underrate the 'old' 920 and 925! Again: WP 8.1 makes a big difference, and both of those oldies are fast devices.


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