What is the best smart phone for me (for an outdoors person)


I have been wanting to get a smart phone for a while, now that I have seen this deal:

I need a smart phone to go with it.

I'm looking for:

1. Excellent GPS for cycling and walking (ideal if it could get ordnance survey map on it)
2. Good camera for taking pictures of the country side (geo-taging would be nice, but not a must have)
3. SD/micro-SD card slot to use as an mp3 player
4. Accelerometer - For tracking how fast I can accelerate and decelerate on my bike.
5. Easy web browsing, email access, read PDFs and a calendar
6. Access to BBC iPlayer radio and tv stations
7. Android o/s - I want to be able to have access to the apps store
8. Rugged small handset - waterproof etc..

I don't want to pay extra for social networking, good looks or popularity.
I have heard of the orange San Fransisco but that has been out for at least a year.

Can anyone recommend a phone that would suit me please?



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blizzard7  Jun. 25, 2011 at 11:57

The Motorola Defy is the only rugged, waterproof smartphone I know of, however I'm not sure about whether it's up to the task of iPlayer duties. You may be better off with another smartphone that fits the bill and forking out on a really good case (this is where a contract would've come in handy as it would be easy to negotiate to get a free/cheap accessory thrown in).

P.S. It's way more likely the GPS will be the thing that will track your speed not an accelerometer.

b6531359  Jul. 2, 2011 at 21:59

I own a Motorola Defy

1)Good free Android apps available for these. May have to pay OS maps. Don't know.

2) Camera not the best - some models may have a fault (my mates has a row of pixels which have ****) - mine keeps giving wierd colours until I had to reset the phone. I think it can geotag. Acceptable when working

3) With Android YOU choose the playing software - great media players available. You can stick upto 32GB in the mSD slot. BUT a normal jack input - not a smart input - so can't change volume etc without handling phone. I find SonyEricssons to be the best music phones I've ever owned

4) Know about GPS based Android apps available for this

5) Good free Android apps available for these

6) Yes as well as ITV now

7) I'm STILL stuck on Android 2.1 - T-Mobile are slacking on their update. This is fine, but no flash

8) I have dropped mine in a pint of lager and its come out fine. Also scratch proof - you won't need a case. I don't think they even sell them

Motoblur makes social networking easier should you want it

Swype comes as standard - this really is godsend when typing letters

It has a 'tough' look with exposed screws etc

This phone definitely trumps the San Francisco any day. Any day. It's a class ahead. The processing power, screen, etc. etc. whoops the San Francisco.

onlineo  Jul. 3, 2011 at 00:03

Just like the others have said.

The Motorola Defy is the only real outdoors smart phone. As a phone it is actually surprisingly good, considering its price point. The camera is fine for outdoors photos, but not so good for indoors. The phone is surprisingly speedy, and with Android 2.2 it plays flash videos.

T-mobile update should be coming within 2 weeks. As with all smart phones, if its faulty take it back to the shops and get it fixed. My smartphone has been back to T-mobile twice. I don't own this phone but a house mate and a family member have it.


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