Best smartphone display?

IS there one smartphone that's thought to have the "best" smartphone display?
Or are 1080p phones all on a similar level?

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JanSt / MOD  May. 15, 2014 at 13:15

It's ALL a matter of taste.
I, e.g., am a complete sucker for Nokia's ClearBlack technology. Not a fan of Nokia. But I love those screens. I rather look at the under-pixeled screen of the old N9, than the oversaturated sh*t Samsung churn out in the name of World Peace. So, resolution and all that aside: a lot is taste. What we look at and how we see it.
I regularly use a Galaxy Camera. Okay. It's a bit on the 'old' side now, but on launch its screen was way up there. I hate it. It's garish. And Samsung tweaked it in such a way that every photo you take with the built-in camera looks stunning. Low-light... stunning. Heck, low-light, no flash. stunning. Garish, yes. But stunning. But whoa... transfer the pics to a PC or Mac, or print them or upload them to Flickr and something happens: they actually look like sh*t! But on the camera's screen they looked gorgeous. Well, there.

Here's the thing: 98% of people buy their new device vaguely based on what their acquaintances use, what's in the media, or what they used before. Then they pop into the store, and at most try the device for 2 minutes. In those 2 minutes they experience ONE thing and ONE thing only: the screen. is it responsive? And does it look good compared to the other stuff on display? Thus, Samsung's screens, e.g., out-brighten every other maker's screens even on zero% in a brightly lit Carphone Warehouse outlet. I reckon if you build a square from
50 SGS5 devices, the resulting 'image' can be seen from space.

But once you start using that bright phone with the microscopic pixels, you notice, there are other things... Hey, Super Powersave Mode turns the screen into a 2010 kindle. Whoa. Progress. In fact: kindles are a good example: READING... it's not all about bright colours and a few extra millions of pixels. Certainly not about brightness, necessarily...

And when/if you're into mobile photography, a phone camera that shows unrealistic versions of what you just shot is not good if you intend to use those images on other devices also.

So, whatever... If writing about super-duper screens makes people happy? Beats writing about Simon Cowell's chest implants or Kim Kardashian's a*s.


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