Five of the best smartphone word games

Five of the best smartphone word gamesWhile some gaming genres don’t sit too well with smartphones and tablets (first person shooters being the common example), there are a couple that shine on ye olde touchscreen.

Firstly, there are those Temple Run-style endless runners (check out Run for your life! Five great smartphone runners), while word games often go down a treat, too.

Note that I’ve said “Five of the best”; I don’t claim to have played all smartphone word games (that’d be some feat), and I’ve been meaning to check out SpellTower in particular for ages.

As such, I present to thee five of my favourite smartphone word games. If you have any recommendations, hit us up with a wee commento.

Right, let’s do this thing. As is often the case, I present my rambling in no particular order.

Five of the best smartphone word gamesLetterpress

I mentioned SpellTower a few paragraphs ago. Letterpress was reportedly born out of a desire for a balls-out multiplayer mode.

Essentially, you have a five-by-five playing area, and you take turns at spelling out words. The game ends when all letters have been used, and the winner is the chap (or chapess) with the most letters.

That’s Letterpress in a nutshell, but the simple concept yields some insanely tactical scenarios, many of which would take several paragraphs to explain.

Instead, I’ll simply tell you to go play it. Oh, and check out How to win at Letterpress.

I said: Part Boggle, part Risk, Letterpress is an excellent word-based strategy game.

Price: free @ App Store

Five of the best smartphone word gamesWords With Friends

There was a time when Words With Friends was a bona fide phenomenon. I fondly recall being in Australia at its peak, and seeing random people contemplating their next move over dinner, on the tram, in the library…

Indeed, I had to make a deal with my then-other half to abstain from Words With Friends action while in her company.

True, Words With Friends mania has died down quite significantly (it’s around two years old now), but it’s remains great. Probably.

I said: Words With Friends is (a) free, (b) brilliant, and (c) insanely addictive. Get it now.

Price: free @ App Store, free @ Google Play

Five of the best smartphone word gamesSpellwood

If it hadn’t been for my PR chum Nick, I imagine Spellwood might’ve passed me by entirely. It had a relatively low-key release, but it’s freakin’ great.

Somewhat of a rarity for word games, Spellwood is a predominantly single player affair, with gamers controlling a little Harry Potter-esque wizard (who happens to be a… rabbit?) as he battles various animal opponents.

While most of the other games on this list are quite pure, Spellwood is all about modifiers, multipliers and special items. Man, I forgot how good Spellwood is. Must play it again soon.

I said: Tired of waiting for your friends to take their turn in multiplayer word games? Blast your way through Spellwood solo. It’s great.

Price: £1.49 @ App Store, £1.49 @ Google Play

Five of the best smartphone word gamesFridge Words

The newest game on our list, Fridge Words is also one of the simplest and most fun.

Basically, in Fridge Words, the playing area is – you guessed it – a fridge, and you have a bunch of letters at the bottom with which to make words at the top.

Fridge Words has some simple multipliers in the form of silver and gold letters, while some letters can be turned upside down. That’s it.

I said: Fridge Words injects a much-needed dose of fun into the word game genre. Oh, and it’s free! Go get it.

Price: free @ App Store

Five of the best smartphone word gamesQuarrel Deluxe

For the final game on our list, I’m recalling an app review by boss lady Emma. I haven’t actually played Quarrel Deluxe, so I quote Lady Kelly when I say: “Think of a colourful mixture of Scrabble, Risk and a jumbo bag of Skittles, you've got Quarrel Deluxe.”

The other thing that stands out in Emma’s review is a giant screen shot with the word ‘CLITORIS’.

Er, on that note, let’s wrap things up.

Emma said: Quarrel is one of the best word games in the app store. Fun.

Price: £1.99 @ App Store

Also worth checking out: Werdle, 7 Little Words, Bingo Words

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