Smartphones barely used for making calls

Smartphones barely used for making callsWith all the many, many things smartphones are capable of doing, it’s easy to forget that making calls is one of their primary functions. Or at least, that’s the theory.

In practise, making calls is miles down the smartphone charts, coming in at number five in a recent study.

That’s the story according to O2, as reported by The Telegraph. It’s not entirely clear if the results are based on actual use, or some sort of consumer survey type deal.

In any case, it’s suggested that the average users spends a tad over two hours a day on their smartphone, with just 12 minutes spent making calls.

Ahead of that, we have gaming on 14 minutes 26 seconds, music at 15 minutes 38 seconds, and social media at 17 minutes 29 seconds.

Top of the pile is internet, easily claiming the smartphone throne with 24 minutes 49 seconds.

Somewhat surprisingly, texting comes in at seventh, behind emails. Hmm.

"Smartphones are now being used like a digital ‘Swiss Army Knife’, replacing possessions like watches, cameras, books and even laptops," screamed David “D-Bomb” Johnson, general manager of devices for O2.

"While we’re seeing no let-up in the number of calls customers make or the amount of time they spend speaking on their phones, their phone now plays a far greater role in all aspects of their lives."

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 2, 2012 at 12:34

2 hours of use... well, that could be 2 p*rn videos. But 12 minutes talktime could be 30 quick calls.
Does that mean you use it "less" for calls? What is "more" in that case?

Anyway, without some indepth description of what exactly they were asking people and: how. What can you deduct? People who talk a lot probable know a smartphone will die after 2 hours of non-stop chatter. Or they talk a lot because they can't write - so, no social notworking, BBMing, emailing...?! To quanitfy the usage in percentage points makes no sense, and proves g*d needs to rid the world of statistics.

On the other, more serious hand it makes it even funner that Vodafone Ireland still has no prepay data add-on for smartphones.

CTPAHHIK  Jul. 2, 2012 at 14:39

With popularity of Facebook most people don't have anyone to call, and if they do, nothing to talk about. :p


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