Smartphones now bigger than PCs

Smartphones now bigger than PCsWe all kinda knew it was happening anyway, but now it's official: smartphones have overtaken traditional PCs in sales for the first time.

A cracking 100 million smartphones were shipped in the fourth quarter of last year, according to IDC, easily outstripping the 92 million PCs that headed out of manufacturers' doors during the same period.

And there's every indication that far from topping out, the smartphone market is just working its way through the gears. That Q4 performance was an increase of 87.2% over the same period in 2009, and smartphone sales continue to increase by steady chunks every quarter.

For the full year, though, PCs still held the upper hand, with 346 million units sold versus 300 million smartphones, though the latter's growth over 2009 was a significant 74% while PC sales grew just 13%.

Nokia-bashing has become a popular sport of late, so it's very much worth pointing out that the Finnish company remains the top-selling smartphone maker in the world, having shipped 28 million units in the three months to December. Apple follows in second, ahead of RIM.

Smartphones now bigger than PCs

However, it's worth looking at the year-on-year growth too. Both Nokia and RIM's smartphone growth is pegged at around 36%, way down on the overall market trend. Apple's share has grown 86%, while Samsung in fourth place has seen a meteoric 438% increase in sales over the past year. HTC also made significant strides, with both benefiting from Android's ongoing surge.

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