Smell you later, Words With Friends

Smell you later, Words With FriendsWhat the heck happened this week? A couple of rather odd eBay auctions (for a prototype iPhone 4 and a Bold Touch straight from “BlackBerry HQ”), and the obligatory handful of stories suggesting that the iPhone 5 might – shock horror – be released in September.

Oh, and there might be an iPad 3 (or should I say iPad 2 Plus?) released shortly with a slightly higher resolution. Meh.

In the absence of anything earth-shattering happening in the mobile world, I think I’ll take a few hundred words to mourn the passing of Words With Friends. RIP, old friend.

I reviewed Words With Friends back in April, awarding it full marks, and in a subsequent article shortly afterwards I rambled on about my continued addiction.

I stand by my review. It's still a great game on paper, but somehow the honeymoon bubble has burst. I guess it was inevitable; a love that passionate can only be sustained for so long.

There was a time not so long ago when I was guaranteed to have 10+ games on the go. I’d often find myself perusing the boards in my free time, contemplating a few moves ahead and becoming mildly agitated when the letters weren’t dished in my favour.

Now I’ve got just two games to play. How the furg did that happen?

Without blowing my own trumpet, I blame - at least in part - my apparent skill. I genuinely cannot remember the last time I lost a game of Words With Friends. Indeed, I drove one friend to delete the app from his phone.

This friend – let’s call him Jim – and I would often play as many as four games simultaneously. Jim would occasionally get a cheeky win, but it’s probably fair to say that I won a significant majority of our games.

At one point I found myself on a lengthy winning streak, and when I started a new game by deploying all seven of my letters, Jim said: “This isn’t fun any more. I’ve deleted Words With Friends.”

A few other friends appeared to lose interest, and their games timed out, giving me a win by default. It seems the iOS guys prefer Carcassonne for multiplayer mobile gaming.

My sole remaining opponent is Amber, a pleasant young lady from the States who occasionally bemoans the Buffalo dating scene.

In the past, I would’ve started a few games with randoms to fill the time, but… meh. Sorry, Words With Friends. I just don’t feel the same any more.

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headlesschickie  Jul. 10, 2011 at 13:41

WWF is clearly not the problem. You are suffering from an inflated ego which could be easily popped by finding better opponents. It's not the game's fault that your friends are dull. It is however, your fault that you have not used your fabulous intellect to investigate some true competition. I noticed a conspicuous piece of information missing in this review, that being your average score. Try going on any social media involving the game, where players substantiate their skill, and "pick on someone your own size."


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