Snake Classic iPhone review

Snake Classic iPhone reviewYou know how sometimes the past is better left in the past? Like meeting up with an ex partner you have vaguely fond memories of, only to recall the many reasons why you grew to despise them?

Well, Snake Classic is a bit like that. Perhaps not quite as terrible, but still slightly rubbish.

If you don’t know what Snake is, you’re probably in your early twenties, and have no recollection of the Golden Age of Mobile Gaming. Actually, I’m talking nonsense; it was a pretty crap era.

Snake is/was an incredibly popular mobile game commonly associated with the halcyon days of the Nokia 3210. It was the turn of the millennium and we were all full of hopes and dreams. But instead of hover cars and Judge Dredd, the 21st century yielded a credit crunch and a David Cameron.

Anyway, Snake Classic is one of a million (slight exaggeration) Snake games currently available from the App Store. It, like many of the others, is also free; no need to fork out 59p for your slithering-related needs.

Snake Classic has two modes, namely Classic and Extreme. In Classic, you have a choice of fields (more on this later), such as Open, in which you can leave the gaming area on one side and reappear on the other, and Box, which quite rightly has walls around the edges. There’s also a choice of five speeds.

Meanwhile, in Extreme Mode, the playing field changes every 45 seconds. If you haven’t unlocked the other fields yet (yeah, I’m still getting to that), the game admonishes you and abruptly ends. Brilliant.

In either case, it’s good old Snake as you remember it. Essentially you move around the screen, eating stuff to earn points, but growing each time you do so. If you crash into yourself, or a wall, it’s game over. Simple.

Now, here’s where Snake Classic gets cheeky. In order to unlock the aforementioned extra fields, or different wallpapers, it’s not a case of reaching a particular score or indeed anything Snake-related; you have to download – and open – a recommended free app. Rather audacious, I feel.

Still, it’s better than having to pay for extra junk I suppose.

Before I go, I should point out that it’s absolutely impossible to pull off a perfect 180 degree turn in Snake Classic. The touch controls simply don’t allow it. As such, when an apple appears adjacent to your tail, you’ll invariably curse the game.


  • Four fields
  • Er, four different snake colours


  • Cheeky unlock method
  • Snake is mega-dated now
  • Ads

Summary: Revisiting Snake wasn’t actually as bad as I initially feared. True, it’s really dated now, but if you loved it back in the day, it might be worth checking out. It’s free, anyways.

Developer: Zing! Apps

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: free @ App Store

Snake Classic iPhone review

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ghfghf  May. 31, 2011 at 20:14

I would argue that people who are early 20's are the ones who played the game the most.

JanSt / MOD  Jun. 1, 2011 at 11:15

Next week I'll be reviewing the classic BBC Test Card


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