Software update boosts Nokia Lumia 800 battery. Again

Software update boosts Nokia Lumia 800 battery. AgainHow long have we been rambling on about this Nokia Lumia 800 battery thing? First Nokia was all confused, then there was a software update, then another one, and finally – in January – it was all fixed. Supposedly.

A few weeks ago we heard that a third software update was said to triple Nokia Lumia 800 battery life, and now it’s officially on its way.

Writing on Nokia Conversations, Dinesh boasts that this is the “third software update in only four months”. Well, if there wasn’t a problem, we wouldn’t need the updates, would we? Though, to be fair, the updates haven’t been purely focused on the battery.

The latest Nokia Lumia 800 update (version 1600.2487.8107.12070, for number fans) will roll out in four stages, beginning March 28 (yesterday), with subsequent phases on 4, 11 and 18 April.

You can check if the update is available on your network with this handy tool. It looks like good news for Vodafone users, but not so much for those on O2, Orange or T-Mobile.

As well as improved battery life, you can expect enhanced bass in audio playback, improved audio quality, and soft keys now illuminating at all brightness level settings.

On the poo side, the long-awaited Wi-Fi tethering option is not present, but “rest assured it is on its way”.

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