Is the software on all Windows Phones identical?

Is the software on all Windows Phones the same, whether it's Nokia, Samsung or HTC?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 30, 2013 at 13:15

The core OS is the same - same features, 'personalisation' options (not too many) etc.
But they ship with the occasional exclusive app... Although, often, those apps are available in the appstore for other devices, too - such as most of Nokia's camera apps - they can be downloaded to non-Nokia WP handsets, too.

So, to generalise, you can pick a WP device on appearance and feel - with the exception of camera, screen type, processor type and RAM, they are very similar under the hood.
Which, imho, isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Note, though: WP8 runs rather smoothly on budget devices. It is a fairly efficient OS in terms of resource requirements; BUT certain 3rd-party apps and even native apps do require some extra juice. If you are into photo-editing, photography, or gaming it IS worth going for a dual-core device with, at least, a GB of RAM. The Lumia 1020, e.g., has THE industry leading mobile camera, but now and again it does struggly - there is a noticeable delay between hitting the camera button, and the picture being taken. Not catastrophic by any definition, but compared to the iPhone 5c or 5S where you hardly notice that the image has already been saved, the 1020 makes it quite obvious that saving those big gorgeous photos is hard work.

Still, for an everyday kinda phone even the Lumia 520 or HTC 8s are very reliable and, generally, fast devices.


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