SolaRola iOS review

SolaRola iOS reviewNot to be confused with gravity maze game Sola Rola (though it does feature the same red and blue blobs), it’s SolaRola from Square Enix, baby.

You know how I’m always saying I like to see things through before issuing my final, potentially damning verdict? Well, that’s exactly what I did here, thank the lizard gods.

SolaRola is a “realistic physics-based” platformer with touch or tilt-based controls, and I didn’t much care for it at first.

See, the first few worlds in SolaRola don’t offer much in the way of excitement; it’s pretty much platforming by numbers. Meh.

Worse still, SolaRola appears to be aimed squarely at kids, and as such it’s chock-full of irritating story (involving a spaceship crash landing or something), crappy-looking storyboards, and irksome dialogue that ultimately just gets in the way of the action.

SolaRola iOS review

And, before I forget, there’s the worst crime of all: every time you jump in SolaRola, the little blob yells “Whee!” Every. Single. Time. It’s really hard to believe that the sound effect made it into the final game. What were you thinking, guys?

However, somewhere around the fourth world, SolaRola suddenly won me over. The difficulty begins to ramp up and new gameplay elements are introduced, and there are some levels where you’re like: ‘Ahh, pretty smart!’

There are 60 levels in SolaRola. It’s initially 69p for the app, though you can pay a further 69p to unlock all 60 levels if you fancy. It’ll take maybe 3-4 hours to blast through the entire game, though there’s replay value in the form of a hidden star in each level.

And that’s SolaRola. Not outstanding, but there’s far worse out there for 69p.


  • Solid control system (touch or tilt)
  • Easy to get into
  • Game Center compatibility


  • Seemingly aimed at kids
  • The “Whee!” sound effect
  • Not massively original

Summary: SolaRola is a decent gravity-based platformer. Worth a punt, at 69p.

Developer: Square Enix

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later.

Price: 69p @ App Store

SolaRola iOS review

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