Sonim’s XP3300 Force boasts longest talk time (from MWC 2011)

Sonim’s XP3300 Force boasts longest talk time (from MWC 2011)Sonim prides itself on making “rugged” phones. Nancy boys can stick to their iPhones; these bad boys are for lumberjacks and JCB drivers. The new Sonim XP3300 Force is no different, but makes the additional swaggering claim of having the “longest talk time in the world.”

Indeed, the promised battery life is quite unbelievable, with 20-24 hours talk time on a single charge. Leave your Sonim XP3300 Force in your 18-wheeler on standby and it’ll last an incredible 800 hours. That’s over a month!

You can plop the Sonim XP3300 Force in water up to two metres deep, ram it off the corner of a table, drop it on concrete from 6ft, stand on it, all with no effect. It’ll just laugh at you. Figuratively, of course.

The specs are characteristically low for Sonim, but the XP3300 Force isn’t into showing off. Ruggedness is the name of the game. Protecting the 2in screen is 1.5mm of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.

And which operating system does the Sonim XP3300 Force run? Android? Pfft. It’s Java all the way, you trendy weaklings.

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