Sony: 12 million Xperia smartphones sold in Q4, $80 million profit

Sony: 12 million Xperia smartphones sold in Q4,  million profitWe’ve been bathing in quarterly results over the past few days, including Apple’s best quarter ever (EVER), and LG’s impressive-but-not-quite-top-5 performance.

Sony is the latest manufacturer to reveal that things are actually going fairly well, despite being miles down the rankings.

The headline here is that Sony sold an impressive 12 million Xperia smartphones in the final quarter of 2014, yielding operating profit of $80 million. Sure, that’s miles behind Samsung and Apple on circa 75 million, but not too far behind, say, fifth-place Xiaomi on 16.6 million (IDC).

That’s also a 36% year-on-year increase, Sony having shifted 8.8 million units in the same quarter - the "holiday quarter" - in 2013.

Credit goes to phones like the Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 flagships, while the Xperia Z3 Compact remains one of the only pocket-friendly phones to boast flagship-level specs.

Further down the spec ladder, Sony reckons its midrange phones stand out with features like waterproofing.

On the whole, Sony - across all its ventures - will lose around $1.45 billion for the fiscal year, but that’s actually less than expected thanks to strong PS4 sales, and the fact that loads of smartphone makers are using Sony imaging components for their cameras.

Ending on a positive note, Sony now expects to make a few quid in calendar 1Q15 instead of a small loss. Good work, chaps.

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