Sony blunder sees Xperia S ICS update 'delayed'

Sony blunder sees Xperia S ICS update 'delayed'Sometimes it's best to just keep quiet. That's what a Sony Mobile employee must be thinking after inadvertently promising on the Xperia forum that the Xperia S Android 4.0 update would be landing early.

Xperia S owners were led to believe their dollop of Ice Cream Sandwich would be arriving as much as a month early – round about now, as it happens – only for the Sony employee to have to correct his mistake and put matters right.

Ironically, given the troubles so many high-profile mobile manufacturers have had getting their ICS updates rolled out on schedule, Sony actually deserves credit for being fairly close to its original timetable.

But that's unlikely to happen now thanks to the slip-up by Sony support staff member Markus. Responding to a customer query as to when the Xperia S ICS update would be materialising, Markus mistakenly said the Xperia S update was coming in “late May/early June”, which was in fact the timeframe for the 2011 Xperias to get their update following the initial wave that led the way last month.

Markus' blunder has been widely reported as a delay, when in fact the Xperia S will be getting its update pretty much exactly when Sony promised it two months ago - at the end of Q2, followed by the rest of the 2012 Xperias into Q3.

Which in the context of how nearly everyone else has been doing, is practically early anyway. Assuming the update does now arrive on schedule, of course...

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