Sony contemplates the Android Wear thing: no, yes, maybe

Sony contemplates the Android Wear thing: no, yes, maybeTeam Google officially – though somewhat vaguely – announced its smartwatch-friendly Android Wear project last week, with HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and others nodding enthusiastically.

Japanese manufacturer Sony initially shrugged, declaring it’d continue down its own path, but now says it’s actually considering Google Wear after all. Well, kinda.

Speaking to CNET earlier this week, Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile's US arm said: "We've already invested time and resources on this platform, and we will continue in that direction.”

However, a statement on twitter from Sony Xperia News later clarified (ahem): “Lots of talk out there today. We’re focused on SW2 & SmartBand right now, but door’s def not closed to #AndroidWear - early days...”

And if that statement wasn’t ambiguous enough for you, how about this: "We're excited about the potential of Android Wear to extend the mobile OS experience into wearable devices.

“While we are currently focused on our in-market wearable offering, including SmartWatch 2, we continue to work closely with Google as a key partner and continue to evaluate opportunities across a number of areas as we extend our SmartWear Experience."

Doing its own thing would certainly allow Sony's smartwatches to stand out, but the flip side of the coin suggests it's maybe better to get in line with Google's Android Wear and preempt possible fragmentation issues.

In either case, we’re possibly too old to “get” smartwatches, but shipments are tipped to hit 373 million annually by 2020, so we’d best get used to ‘em.

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