Sony Ericsson contemplating imminent Windows Phone 7-related goodness?

Sony Ericsson contemplating imminent Windows Phone 7-related goodness?Despite being announced as a Windows Phone 7 launch partner back at 2010’s World Mobile Congress, Sony Ericsson has kept a suspiciously low profile thus far as far as Microsoft's new mobile OS is concerned.

Even now, almost one year later, Sony Ericsson has yet to make any official announcement, but the rumour mill is well and truly churning thanks to this article from DigiTimes. 

"With good news from Sony Ericsson, Taiwan handset and component makers are now more confident with orders from the phone vendor," the industry paper notes in a subscriber-only article. "Sony Ericsson products in 2011 will have an entertainment theme, and will mainly support Android but Windows Phone 7 (WP7) devices are also in the pipeline, according to sources from Taiwan-based handset makers.

"Sony Ericsson will leverage Sony’s technological resources and brand equity in the Bravia TV series and PSP game console to create new selling points for its handsets, the sources noted," DigiTimes adds.

We'll take the news from "Taiwan-based handset makers" with a pinch of salt for now. This year’s Mobile World Congress, opening on Valentine’s Day, would be an ideal time for Sony Ericsson to lay out its official plans.

Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson has been moving forward with its Android-related ventures too, recently revealing the Xperia Arc, or as SE terms it "the ultimate smartphone with super-slim design and state-of-the-art Sony technology".

The Xperia Arc, first shown off at CES at the start of the month, will run Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and features a 4.2in multi-touchscreen with HD video recording. You can check out the full specs in the official Sony Ericsson press release.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 25, 2011 at 12:03

They should focus on 1 OS if anyone wants my thought for no penny...They killed UIQ, then dabbled in windows mobile and Symbian 5th WHILE starting work on Android WHILE making java based low-entry phones... Meanwhile, they have let down many fans by not fixing firmware problems.... But then again, Windows Phone 7 is so restricted and locked-down that even SE can't make it any worse. Sad - cause when Sony Ericsson are good, they ARE good.


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