Sony developing new “RGBW Coding” and “HDR Movie” goodness

Sony developing new “RGBW Coding” and “HDR Movie” goodnessIs it just me, or does every second news story this week feature Sony? Yesterday I scribbled about the ST25i Kumquat, and earlier today there was the Resident Evil trailer Sony Arc HD thingy.

For a change, this Sony story doesn’t concern new devices, but new technology. Camera technology, specifically. It sounds – and more importantly looks – pretty good.

First up we’ve got RGBW Coding, enabling clear snapping even in dark rooms or at night. We all know the conventional Red, Green and Blue, and the bonus chap on the end there is none other than good old White, bringing increased sensitivity without degrading image quality.

Next up, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) Movie function captures “brilliant” colours even in bright settings. It’s ably displayed in a short 22-second video hosted within the official Sony press release – straight outta Tokyo, Japan. Check it out, Jeeves.

Samples of various combinations of the technology will be shipped in March, June and August this year, and they’ll eventually make their way into smartphones and “other devices”.

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