Two new Sony Ericsson Android handsets leaked

Two new Sony Ericsson Android handsets leakedEarlier this year, Sony Ericsson revealed its plan for smartphone domination, which basically amounts to relocating to the States and pumping out a shedload of Android devices.

At Mobile World Congress, we met the Sony Ericsson Xperias Pro, Neo, Arc and Play. The W8 – essentially a Walkman-branded Xperia X8 – popped up last month. And a couple of weeks ago, SE introduced the Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro.

Now Electric Pig brings us news of two further Sony Ericsson Android handsets, both of which will supposedly rock Gingerbread. Is it just us, or is that a stupid amount of phones?

First, there’s the ST18i. It reportedly packs a 854x480 display, 8MP camera and 1GHz processor. Those specs put it firmly in the mid range.

Next up, meet the CK15i. It’s said to have a 3.3in screen with a modest 240x400 resolution, and – perhaps most interestingly – a slide-out keyboard.

No codenames to go with those model numbers just yet, but we’re sure to find out in due course. Expect a series of leaked, slightly blurry photos to follow over the next few months.

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