Sony Ericsson six months from extinction

Sony Ericsson six months from extinctionWhen Sony committed upwards of a billion pounds to buy out the Ericsson part of Sony Ericsson, it certainly got quite a bit for its money, or we hope so given how much of it was being exchanged.

But it also involves the very basic point of keeping the Sony name on the company's mobile devices and ditching the Ericsson name, and that process – we're told – will be done and dusted by the middle of 2012.

The big-money deal to call time on the 10-year Sony Ericsson partnership was announced a couple of months ago, but it always takes a while to sort out the details and for the most part not much seems to have changed on the outside.

For instance, Sony Ericsson announced recently that it would be ditching feature phones altogether and going all in on Android smartphones – a fairly obvious move given the market right now.

We've also seen the same upturn in product rumours we've seen from all the other big mobile players as we get closer to Mobile World Congress, though as always with SE the handsets in question have decidedly weird names such as Nozomi, Nypon and Aoba – or weird to Western eyes at any rate.

But speaking to the Times of India, Sony Ericsson exec Kristian Tear revealed this week that the process of rebranding the firm into just Sony would be complete by mid-2012.

The finer details have yet to be revealed, so we're not certain whether it will be as simple as every phone emerging from the factory after a specific date will have a Sony badge on it, rather than a Sony Ericsson badge.

But there's no more visible form of branding than the company name on its products, so we imagine Sony won't want to drag its heels.

Interestingly, Tear also confirmed that the process of phasing out feature phones will also be complete by that point, so Sony mobile phones will all be Android smartphones by the looks of it.

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