Sony Ericsson from MWC 2011 (Xperia Pro)

Sony Ericsson from MWC 2011 (Xperia Pro)So we fully expected the Xperia Arc, Neo and Play, but Sony Ericsson did manage to throw in a cheeky surprise at their exclusive Mobile World Congress event. Rounding off the new line-up is the Xperia Pro.

Pro, of course, means there’s a full sliding QWERTY keyboard, typically seen as a big draw for business dudes and their email needs.

The Xperia Pro’s keyboard boasts a smooth sliding mechanism and a nice gap between the keys – always good for avoiding irksome typos.

Like the other new Xperias, it’ll feature Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and Sony’s Bravia engine for super-bright and ultra-clear screenage. The screen itself will be 3.7in.

The Pro has drag-and-drop support for apps and files. It’s a neat feature, true, but clearly inspired by the iPhone. As with iOS, you can rename the folders or stick with the default names.

The business-oriented Xperia Pro will also have an FM radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and HDMI support. It'll be available in red, silver and black.

We’ll be heading down to visit Sony Ericsson for a shot soon. More piccies to follow.

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