Sony Ericsson NFC devices on the way

Sony Ericsson NFC devices on the waySony Ericsson might be churning out Android phones like there’s no tomorrow, but, in many ways, it’s trailing behind the likes of HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG. Where’s the dual-core juice and autostereoscopic 3D, guys?

However, as reported on NFC World (I think I’ve just given the game away there), the manufacturer is about to tick off at least one of the latest innovations in mobile, namely Near Field Communication.

Apparently Sony Ericsson is set to introduce a "portfolio of smartphones that enable mobile transactions", with NXP doing the NFC honours.

"Building on Sony Ericsson's leadership in Android and mobile gaming, the integration of near field communication into our Android-based Xperia portfolio is another step in delivering the most entertaining smartphones," said Jan Uddenfeldt, Sony Ericsson’s chief technology officer.

"NFC offers our consumers the ability to broaden their communication experience beyond the phone, and we are poised to drive the development of new, exciting and creative entertainment experiences."

NXP’s president and CEO, Rick Clemmer, added: "This latest move from Sony Ericsson is another proof point of the strong momentum and potential of NFC. Based on continued strong customer endorsements we have the opportunity to increase the sales of our NFC products two to four times as a percentage of total NXP revenue in the second half of 2011 from the approximately one percent it represents today."

No particular handsets or dates or anything just yet, but that’ll follow in due course. Obviously.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 17, 2011 at 18:01

of, sh*t... just realise, we'll probably see a host of re-releases.
Failed devices will be upgraded with NFC chips and relaunched.
#wannaBet ?

nugent  Aug. 13, 2011 at 12:14

You are a serious Sony Ericsson troll.
Every SE thread you just have to leave negative comments. And you're a MOD, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel...

JanSt / MOD  Aug. 14, 2011 at 10:36

I have said it again and again: we are not getting better devices by NOT talking about the negatives.
I have owned an Xperia Mini, Xperia X10 and Arc in the past 2 years. A couple of times here on Mobot I called the Mini one of the most positive surprises I had with regards to mobiles.
You mustn't pick out a few comments of the 1000s I made here.
Also, this one was a general one. I did not troll and dis a particular brand or model. I said I thought we will see old device being relaunched with NFC...
Sony Ericsson have in the past relaunched models with slight modifications to make them Walkman phones.
Other manufacturers play similar tricks.

I know you came across some Arc related comments of mine. Now, obviously the Arc is considered by many an alternative as it represents SE's current idea of a flagship. So, some people here asked for opinions.
I did call it an improvement over the X10, I did praise the cam, I did link to Jon Choose blog about the excellent cam. And I did mention Esato's rave review and linked to it.
On Esato - a SE fansite - the Xperia Arc was a very devisive device. Hardcore SE fans such as bonovox etc hated it. And a fact of Esato's long in-depth review IS that it hardly mentions anything but the camera...

A fact is that the Play struggles. A fact is that gossiper Eldar Murtazin 'reckons' SE may struggle big time come 2012.
Fact is in the smartphone sector SE haven't had a hit since the M600...yet I bought 3 SE smartphones in the last 2 years. What have you done to give them a leg up?
I criticised Nokia, and though I really don't like Samsung that much I very recently praised the Galaxy S2 in more than 1 thread here.

If people had called the first Android X10 brilliant, the Arc wouldn't have been better. If people hadn't called out Symbian, we wouldn't see Anna and Belle and WP7 and MeeGo....
Criticism is necessary for progress.
And back to the Arc - yes, some people here said they enjoyed the Arc. That is fine. I never attacked anyone. And some posters here agreed with my criticism.
In a similar line, I perfectly understand if someone likes Apple products - although I have MY reasons to dislike them. But it's a fact that iPhones have some strengths.

I don't troll. And if you think mods shouldn't have an opinion, well - forums have different approaches.
Masseur on Esato is an unabashed iPhone fan. On other sites mods do not post, or only post 'objective' help posts...
Here you have me.
Visit Palm- or Android-Central - they criticise Palm, HP and Android when necessary. And they have done a lot to give us a better Pre 2 and Pre 3 after the very flawed Pre...


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