Sony Ericsson 'no' to Windows Phone... unless it takes off

Sony Ericsson 'no' to Windows Phone... unless it takes offIt's one of those stories that pops up every few months: Sony Ericsson made Windows Mobile phones, and was named when Windows Phone 7 was launched. So...

But a senior company exec has spoken up on the subject, saying it's unlikely we'll be seeing a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone anytime soon. Unless the platform starts taking off, that is.

There has been the odd rumbling about Sony Ericsson and Microsoft's mobile OS since WinPho touched down in the latter part of last year. After all, Sony Ericsson abandoned Symbian for good at about the same time, and was assumed to be one of the interested parties at the time.

But SE has gone all in on Android instead, with reasonable success it has to be said, and for now the company isn't interested in looking elsewhere.

Speaking at the company's annual business innovations forum this week, Sony Ericsson chief technology officer Jan Uddenfeldt says focusing on Android has been a successful move for the company and one it intends to build on.

It's still keeping an eye on Windows Phone 7, he revealed, but said the company doesn't plan to risk making any products on the platform until it's a proven success.

Timely remarks indeed given all the talk this week of the prospects of Windows Phone rising up to conquer all in the mobile OS wars. In the unlikely event that does happen, though, will it be too late for Sony Ericsson to grab a piece of the pie?

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