Is Sony Ericsson resurrecting the Cyber-shot phone brand?

Is Sony Ericsson resurrecting the Cyber-shot phone brand?It's 2011, right? Maybe someone should tell Sony Ericsson, cos we're starting to think it's caught in a bit of a time warp.

Go back a couple of years and the phone brand was active mostly in feature phone land, trying to make a success out of using Sony's Walkman and Cyber-shot branding. Now, it seems, it wants to have another go.

This image, posted by the Xperia Blog and surfaced via Pocket Now, is an example of the Cyber-shot variety, while we've already come across what's supposed to be the Walkman side of things.

We'll start by saying there's surely a poetic irony in a phone that's supposed to be all about the quality of its camera surfacing in a shockingly bad photo – Mr Blurrycam clearly didn't take his meds that morning.

More importantly, though, for anyone reckoning Sony Ericsson must clearly be losing the plot entirely, the Home, Back and Menu buttons visible below the just-discernable Cyber-shot logo means it'll very much be part of the firm's Android brigade so rest easy: it's not considering going back to feature phones.

Considering what we're already seeing on Sony Ericsson phones at present, it will surely sport the likes of the Exmor R sensor present on the likes of the Xperia Arc, possibly even with those insanely high megapixel counts we've heard are on the way at some point.

To add our own speculation to the mix, we'd suggest there's very little in the talk about Cyber-shot and Walkman concepts that isn't already covered by what we're expecting from Sony Ericsson's Xperia Android phones already.

Could it simply be that with the line maturing and the number of available models steadily growing, Sony Ericsson is thinking it might be time to give for a bit brand differentiation, and is looking at using some of the fairly obvious low-hanging fruit at its disposal?

Time will tell, but it wouldn't be like Sony Ericsson hasn't done it before, after all. And to be fair, we thought the Cyber-shot C905 was rather good, too...

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