Sony Ericsson: it's all about the smartphones

Sony Ericsson: it's all about the smartphonesSony Ericsson boss Bert Nordberg – who from every pic we've seen looks like the kind of guy you don't want to get on the bad side of – has revealed that SE will be focusing purely on smartphones from next year.

That's if the company hasn't been gobbled up and assimilated back into the Sony borg, that is. But if not, it'll be Xperia Android phones all the way.

Happy Bert's remarks came via a statement accompanying Sony Ericsson's latest quarterly earnings figures, which revealed that the company's smartphone division now accounted for 80% of all its phone sales, and that the company had broken even after a particularly nasty Q2.

But the most revealing part of all was the proud boast that Sony Ericsson has now sold 22 million Xperia handsets to date. 22 million? When the Samsung Galaxy S II alone has sold more than 10 million, and the iPhone 4S will probably have sold 100 million by tomorrow lunchtime?

Let's not forget that means 22 million from the Xperia Play, the Arc, the Ray, the Neo, the X10, X8, er... and a good few others.

No wonder Sony wants to call time on the project – though we think $1bn could be overpaying on this evidence.

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