Sony Ericsson Walkman phone in Q2?

Sony Ericsson Walkman phone in Q2?There have been rumours of an Android-based Sony Ericsson Walkman phone for some time, and recently the manufacturer teased us with an ad which simply read: “A smarter Walkman phone is coming soon.”

Well, if a post on the blog is to be believed, that smarter Walkman phone could be coming very soon, possibly April or May.

The post suggests that the specs will be fairly modest, including a 600MHz processor, 3.2MP camera and 3in display. Nothing much to get excited about there.

However, there will be a significant focus on the music side of things, with some sort of dedicated music chip, specialised music apps, and a specially developed touch interface. Interesting.

Official details are still scarce. The box was recently photographed, confirming the model name as W15, but the handset itself - which is rumoured to look like the Xperia X8 - has managed to elude the mobile paparazzi thus far. It’s only a matter of time, W15. It’s only a matter of time.

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