Sony Ericsson WP7 Julie leaks again

Sony Ericsson WP7 Julie leaks againSony Ericsson was one of the manufacturers originally name-dropped for the Windows Phone 7 launch party last October, but as it was - only HTC, Samsung and LG turned up.

Since then, Nokia, Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE have jumped on board the WP7 train (Dell is in there too… somewhere), but there has always been somewhat of a question mark over Sony Ericsson, whose Android output has soared in 2011.

Most recently Sony Ericsson’s chief technology officer, Jan Uddenfeldt, suggested that the manufacturer would hold off till WP7 was a proven success, but new leaked pics of the Sony Ericsson Julie have set tongues wagging again.

The images confirm the Sony Ericsson Julie as a large-screened QWERTY slider. Other specs are vague at the moment, though it’s thought to have 16GB of on-board memory.

Realistically, we don’t expect to see any WP7 devices from Sony Ericsson any time soon, but it might be an entirely different story when Mango and Nokia arrive later in the year.

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nilanjandutta81  Jun. 7, 2011 at 20:58

Finally Ericson joining the WP7 Mango party.


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