Sony Ericsson WP7 phone 'an old prototype that was cancelled'

Sony Ericsson WP7 phone 'an old prototype that was cancelled'We've all been getting just a little bit excited about those leaked images of what appears to be a Sony Ericsson Xperia handset running Windows Phone 7.

Well it turns out we might have to rein the excitement in, as mobile guru Eldar Murtazin says the pics are of nothing more than a cancelled prototype.

The blurry shots first appeared a couple of days ago, and the fact that they looked at least to be authentic had us speculating that Sony Ericsson would be the next mobile name to climb on board Microsoft's platform.

After all, the company was named as a Windows Phone launch partner last year, suggesting that we'd be seeing some SE-branded WinPho hardware at some point.

However, just last month Sony Ericsson's CTO Jan Uddenfeldt ruled out a Windows Phone handset anytime soon, saying “we don’t see any real reason for it because Android is growing so dramatically”.

And it turns out the latter comments are the ones we should have been listening to all along, as Mobile Review's Murtazin – known for his inside knowledge of forthcoming handsets – has ruled it “an old prototype that was cancelled last year”.

So it looks like the wait for a new Windows Phone 7 handset is going to continue for some time to come.

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