Is this Sony Ericsson's Windows Phone 7 smartphone?

Is this Sony Ericsson's Windows Phone 7 smartphone?Sony Ericsson has been making such a decent fist of its Xperia-branded foray into the world of Android that we'd almost forgotten the fact that the firm has said all along it will be getting into Windows Phone 7 too at some point.

Until now the only timeframe we've been given to go on was “2011 at some point”, but now – thanks to what seems to be a legit image of a WP7-powered Sony Ericsson handset doing the rounds – we're thinking that point could be fast approaching.

The image in question has been surfaced by WMPowerUser, and shows the familiar WinPho tiles on the screen of a QWERTY slider device that looks not dissimilar to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

The Windows Phone-based site isn't willing to declare the image legit beyond a shadow of a doubt, and neither are we, but it's certainly a possibility, and after all would simply be a matter of Sony Ericsson keeping its word.

As noted to WMPowerUser, the hardware itself looks impressively slim for a WinPho slider – though of course it could be a prototype handset, not a final design, and there's certainly a gap in the calendar for some new Windows Phone hardware.

Even if it is legit, though, there's no way of knowing how close to a finished product this actually is, so we'll file this one away simply as a talking point for now, rather than a confirmed leak.

What do you think – does Sony Ericsson have anything to gain from outing a WinPho smartphone? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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deathtrap3000  Mar. 6, 2011 at 14:11

Xperia Play 7 please... lol


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