Sony: don't expect any QWERTY-based Xperia phones anytime soon

Sony: don't expect any QWERTY-based Xperia phones anytime soonSeems like Sony is stuck in a negative vibe right now. Yesterday we heard about how Android Jelly Bean has officially been ruled out for last year's crop of Xperia smartphones.

Now comes the revelation that Sony apparently also has no plans to expand the current Xperia range to offer any handsets packing a physical QWERTY keyboard.

We all know phones are getting bigger – after all, how many 4in-plus phones were there back in 2008. Never mind 5in-plus. And with that has come a move more and more towards all-touch interfaces, leaving the physical keyboard increasingly restricted to budget portrait-style efforts. And BlackBerrys.

No surprise, then, that Sony doesn't see much point in ploughing an increasingly lone furrow in this day and age (unless someone knows of a Nokia E7 successor we weren't previously aware of).

Responding to the same set of questions on Facebook that saw the Jelly Bean revelation, Sony Mobile UK product manager John Cooper revealed that Sony didn't have any plans to add a QWERTY blower to the Xperia line-up – a reasonable question to ask since Sony has resisted the big-screen tendencies that have overtaken the smartphone market lately more successfully than most (for better or worse).

“The market seems to prefer large touch screens to keyboards at the moment so unfortunately we don’t have any current plans to release an Xperia with a keyboard,” Cooper wrote.

End of discussion, it seems.

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