Sony lifts the lid on Xperia Sola

Sony lifts the lid on Xperia SolaMartin scribbled about the Sony Xperia Pepper earlier this morning, suggesting that it’d “almost certainly be called something else when it launches”.

Almost simultaneously, Sony itself was lifting the official lid on the smartphone, and we now know it’ll land as the Xperia Sola. We’ve got loads more detail now, including a little something called “floating touch”. What the...?

As Sony’s ‘Get entertained with a sense of magic’ video demonstrates, floating touch allows you to navigate the web without touching the screen. You can move your finger across a series of links, for example, and they’re highlighted as if by a cursor. Intriguing.

The Sony Xperia Sola also comes with two NFC Xperia SmartTags, with two pre-configured profiles. The press blurb explains: “Out of the box one is ready for the living room to turn on Wi-Fi and launch Google news and weather apps, and the other one for the bedroom, which turns on the alarm and switches to silent mode.”

Other Sony Xperia Sola specs include a 3.7in display (480 x 854), 1 GHz STE U8500 dual-core processor, 5MP camera with 720p vid cap, 8GB internal storage (5GB user-accessible) and microSD support.

We’re told to expect the Sony Xperia Sola at some point in Q2, and it’ll land in black, white and red. Somewhat disappointingly, the Sony Xperia Sola will launch with Gingerbread (Android 2.3), though Sony promises an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) in summer.

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