Sony Mobile to churn out metal-bodied phones in 2015?

Sony Mobile to churn out metal-bodied phones in 2015?Time was, HTC was your go-to guy if you wanted a premium Android phone in a metal body, but with the One and One (M8) generally pleasing eyes the world over, it was only a matter of time before the Taiwanese manufacturer’s peers jumped onboard.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a dash of metal on its sides, but we’re told Sony will go the whole hog next year, with sexy metal-bodied phones.

That’s the story over on er, DigiTimes, so you’d be forgiven for rolling your eyes, but it’s not that far fetched considering Samsung’s recent antics, and the continued praise levied at HTC’s high-end wares.

For what it’s worth, Sony’s “metal-alloy chassis” will supposedly be produced by Taiwan-based Foxconn Electronics at its north China factory, and supplied by Foxconn Technology.

To date, the Sony Xperia Z range has favoured glass, which immediately seems like an odd choice for a product that’s likely to be dropped quite frequently.

It’s thought that the imminent Sony Xperia Z3 will continue along the glass path, with the first metal Xperia Z landing in 2015. We’re not told when exactly, so assuming Sony sticks to its 6-month refresh schedule, we could be talking Xperia Z4 in 1H15, or Xperia Z5 in the second half of the year.

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