Sony Mobile moving its HQ to Tokyo and cutting 1,000 staff

Sony Mobile moving its HQ to Tokyo and cutting 1,000 staffCan't say this comes as much of a surprise: Sony Mobile has announced plans to “restructure” its operations, moving the whole shebang under a single roof in Tokyo and streamlining a wide range of its operations.

It's partly a continuation of the consolidation process following Sony's buyout of the Ericsson half of Sony Ericsson, but it's also a result of some fairly lean times for the Xperia maker.

The most significant change is that the company's corporate HQ is moving from Lund in Sweden (site of the former Sony Ericsson HQ) over to Tokyo in Japan, where the Sony mothership is located.

The Lund facility won't be closing completely, but it will be dropping 650 staff – two thirds of a total count of 1,000 (or 15%) being trimmed from the total Sony Mobile workforce before the end of next year.

Sony insists it will remain an “important strategic site”, and will no doubt add that the 1,000 jobs being lost are mainly the result of reduced duplication thanks to the corporate relocation.

Let's face it – Sony's performance in terms of smartphone sales isn't exactly stellar right now, but this latest development is very much classic Sony, it must be said.

On the one hand, a 15% drop in headcount will save some much-needed cash, but I'm willing to bet it won't save anything like what it will cost of relocating the company's entire senior staff structure halfway across the world.

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