The Sony 'Odin': next year's Xperia flagship?

The Sony 'Odin': next year's Xperia flagship?Mobile lovers have been well looked after of late, with an avalanche of new smartphones, tablets and even operating systems having rained down pretty much non-stop for the past six weeks or so.

But the mobile industry never stands still, and today brings news of the “Odin”, a mysterious new Sony handset supposedly being lined up for an early 2013 release.

Japanese mobile site Blog of Mobile [translated] has spotted User-Agent Profile info referencing three new Sony model numbers, the C6502, C6503 and C6506 – believed to be region-specific variants of a single device going by the codename Odin.

As the many experts on Norse mythology out there no doubt already know, Odin is a fairly big cheese as far as Norse gods are concerned, which suggests the smartphone equivalent has every chance of being a new flagship device.

The second point of interest is that it seems Sony is looking at a new numbering strategy for its 2013 range, as there's also evidence of a C1604 and C1605, likely to be more entry-level devices given the lower figure in the model number

The UAProf listing doesn't give any clue to the hardware specs of Sony's next-gen Xperias, but does confirm that they'll all have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean running the show.

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