‘You want more?’ Sony phablet landing June 25?

‘You want more?’ Sony phablet landing June 25?It’s long been rumoured that Japanese manufacturer Sony has a giant-screened phablet in the proverbial pipeline, perhaps bursting through even the 6in barrier. Cripes.

There are suspicions that such a device might land very shortly, due to the nature of the save-the-date for Sony’s imminent June 25 event.

Unsurprisingly, the save-the-date doesn’t give anything in particular away, though the words “LUST AUF MEHR?” strike fear into our very hearts.

Why? They translate as: “You want more?” That’s exactly what our resident Germaniac, Jan, screams when he regularly beats us up.

In the world of mobile, such a phrase could pertain to the growing propensity for large-screened devices.

At present, Sony’s largest device is the 5in Sony Xperia Z, though the rumour mill has been touting the notion of a 6.4in 1080p Sony Togari, with a 13MP rear camera and 2GB of RAM juice.

Meanwhile, Samsung has the 5.5in Galaxy Note 2, and – bigger still – the monstrous Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3.

And not to be outdone, HTC is tipped to be working on a 6in phablet-style beast too, a device we’re currently referring to as the HTC T6.

We’ll be interested to see what Sony has up its sleeve(s). Hopefully it won’t simply be another Sony Xperia <insert arbitrary letter>. June 25 is… two weeks on Tuesday.

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