Sony preparing a dual-screen Honeycomb tablet and a Windows 7 slider slate

Sony preparing a dual-screen Honeycomb tablet and a Windows 7 slider slateSony may be late in getting to the tablet party, but it looks intent on having a good time all the same, with reports hitting our ears detailing another two unique-sounding tablets to go along with the Qriocity S1 we told you about last week.

Once again it's Engadget spilling the beans, and this time we've got the twin-screened clamshell S2 and a 9.4in Windows 7-powered slider to mull over.

Starting with the S2, and it looks like Sony has once again pushed the boat out on the design front to make sure its tablets stand out from the rank and file. Two 5.5in screens sit one above the other in landscape mode, with both halves of the device featuring a rounded back so that the S2 looks oval-shaped when looked at side-on when it's closed.

The concept sketch nabbed by Engadget hints at a device that will be quite thick when closed, which might not be to everyone's taste, so we'll be interested to see if the company sticks to such a radical approach to design with the finished product.

Either way, it looks like the S2 will share a similar – if not identical – specification to the S1. A dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor is confirmed, as is the presence of dual cameras, but that's about as far as the hardware details go for now.

On the software front it'll be Android 3.0 Honeycomb doing the business, but as with the S1 Sony is beavering away to adapt Google's OS to suit the unusual twin-screen form factor. According to one of Engadget's sources, you'll be able to use the screens in tandem to display different parts of a program you're in, such as the map and directions elements of mapping software, or your inbox on top and a specific email on the bottom in Gmail.

Unlike the S1, however, this one doesn't seem to be an out-and-out entertainment machine, with the Qriocity branding falling away and no PlayStation Certified status either. We're told Sony is looking at a year-end launch for the S2, and has set a target price of $699.

The company is also lining up a Windows 7-powered tablet to join its Android-powered siblings, but this time it's a slider tablet featuring the same 9.4in screen size as found on the S1. It's looking like being the most expensive of the three at around $799, but disappointingly we're told it'll only come packing an Intel Atom Pinetrail chip, putting it at a significant power disadvantage. We can expect a launch date of around October.

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