Sony pushes our buttons with Xperia Z1 slow reveal

Sony pushes our buttons with Xperia Z1 slow revealWhether you know it as the Honami, the Xperia i1 or the Xperia Z1, it's fair to say Sony is doing a good job squeezing every last drop of publicity out of the run-up to its next big smartphone launch.

Its latest piece of drip-fed PR is our first high-quality glimpse of what Sony calls “the smartphone everyone's been talking about”... well, its power button, anyway.

Taking the concept of a teaser image to new heights, Sony has tweeted a moodily lit close-up of the Xperia i1/Z1's on/off switch, a round silver button with a silver surround, with the hint of what could be a black volume rocker to the right, or potentially a dedicated camera button. Or something else entirely.

It's all the more frustrating since what we really want to see more of is the 20MP G Lens camera, which should give the best camera phones around a good run for their money once the Honami hits the big time.

We're also expecting a full HD display, though we're not certain how big, and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The text accompanying the tweeted pic promises “not long now”, and fortunately that's one detail we can confirm as being correct.

The Sony Xperia i1/Z1 will be announced in Berlin just before the start of IFA 2013 on September 4 – that's just under two weeks from now.

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