Sony Qriocity S1 tablet leaked

Sony Qriocity S1 tablet leaked

Well here's a tasty morsel of news: Sony is reportedly lining up a tablet for release later this year, which will pull together just nearly all of its other consumer tech strengths in one shiny device.

Sony isn't here at Mobile World Congress 2011 of course, but that hasn't stopped the news from making a pretty big splash here in Barcelona. And the name of this mystery Sony slate? The Qriocity S1.

Engadget is the one to have broken the news, quoting “two highly trusted and independent sources” within Sony. According to these mystery sources we're looking at a 9.4in screen size, and as the mockup pictured above shows, Sony has opted for a unique asymmetrical design with a rounded bulge running down one side that makes the S1 feel like holding a magazine open with the cover bent back over itself when in portrait form.

This apparently makes it easier to hold in one hand, as a higher percentage of the tablet's weight is held directly within your grip – including the weight of the battery.

As for the hardware specs, looks like we're talking about another Tegra 2 tablet here, and Engadget claims a resolution of 1,280 x 800 from that 9.4in screen. Cameras front and back provide another tickbox checked.

So where does the Qriocity S1 tablet stand out? By the looks of things, with the software. The S1 will be built around Android Honeycomb, but Sony itself will be putting on the final touches – an interesting move considering the company's complete lack of experience in working with Android.

It will have mobile buddy Sony Ericsson's help, though, and will channel all kinds of other electronics goodness from within the company to make the Qriocity S1 an entertainment master. Or that's the plan, anyway.

Given the name, the S1 will have Sony's Qriocity media-streaming service at its heart, and there's talk of a dedicated Q hardware button to send you straight to it at a moment's notice.

That aside, Sony's Bravia, Reader and Vaio development teams are also playing around with Honeycomb's building blocks, with the aim of putting together an integrated finished platform that is Android, but unmistakably Sonyfied.

Sounds all good to us. Sony is said to be looking at a September launch date for the S1, and the word on the street is that it'll cost around $599 to pick one up.

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