Sony S1 tablet to hit pre-order status on September S1

Sony S1 tablet to hit pre-order status on September S1Sony is one of the few big-hitting electronics firms still to get its tablet on, but we've known for a while now that the S1 and S2 will change that, achieving the notable distinction of actually looking vaguely interesting into the bargain.

From the start we've been told to expect an autumn-ish launch, and a few weeks ago were talking specifically about September, so leaked rumours that the S1 at least will officially go up for pre-order here on the UK on September 1 sound bang on the money.

ThisIsMyNext claims to have spied in-store paperwork in Sony Centre stores suggesting the outlets will start accepting pre-orders from September 1, a nice play on the S1 name itself that must have taken weeks of mental strain to work out.

Of course, even if the rumour is true it doesn't reveal anything about when the tablet, and its S2 brother, will actually be fulfilling those pre-orders. But it's a start – and it's certainly not out of the question that we'll still be seeing that September on-sale date we're hoping for.

For the record, the S1 is the larger of the two Sony Android-powered S-Series tablets, featuring a 9.7in screen and that folded-back-book look thanks to an off-centre bulge designed to make the tablet easier to hold.

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