Sony shares first photo taken with curved sensor

Sony shares first photo taken with curved sensor

We’re far too old and cynical to embrace technology for technology’s sake, so you’ll forgive us for not rushing out and buying the first thing with a UHD display and 86GB of RAM. ETA: Mobile World Congress 2015.

But this – this we can get on board with: a curved image sensor that paves the way for cheaper, smaller camera lenses (ok, ok, sounds good) and higher photo quality (and we’re sold).

Sony is ultimately out to address something called Petzval field curvature, ably described by PhotographyLife as “a common optical problem that causes a flat object to appear sharp only in a certain part(s) of the frame, instead of being uniformly sharp across the frame.” Yeah, we’ll go with that.

The correction process, which extends of course to your smartphone camera, is rather costly, hence Sony’s new prototype curved sensor – one that’s curved towards the lens, with a similar curvature to the human eye. Curved? Curved.

As for the accompanying lens technology, we’re looking at a flatter design and larger aperture, which invites more light. Lovely.

It's not clear when Sony's curved sensor technology will make its debut, or if it'll hit smartphones or cameras first, but Kazuichiro Itonaga, a device manager with Sony's R&D Platform over in Japan, says: "We are ready."

If you’re particularly camera minded and get off on phrases like “dark current”, hop over to IEEE Spectrum for more coverage.

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