Where is Sony in the smartphone Top 10?

Where is Sony in the smartphone Top 10? IDC says:

1. Samsung
2. Apple
3. Huawei
4. Lenovo
5. LG

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 7, 2013 at 10:50

somewhere between 6 and 10, obviously.

Come on, these charts mean nothing. Nothing!
In the last two years Samsung alone released more than 60 Galaxy variants...
Apple have currently what? 5 variants on sale?
Yes, Android devices obviously have a higher share than iOS or WP devices, but there are OVER 15,000 different devices on sale world-wide that run Android. We know HTC struggles. We know Sony has had a huge series of flops...

Plus: those figures in this chart or others are based on shipped units; not units sold to end-users. Or they are based on dubious browser data etc...

I can't believe I even replied here, tbh.

spruceyb  Dec. 7, 2013 at 11:20

Well, depends how you're ranking them but probably somewhere around #8
Behind those listed and ZTE & TCL (the company that makes phones known as Alcatel here)
ZTE is bottom of that Top 5 with 10.1M Smartphone Units shipped in 2Q13
Sony did roughly 10M too (Sony expect their 2013 sales to be 42M)
But companies like TCL are also selling around the 9-11M units per quarter so once you get past the behemoths of Samsung & Apple, it seems like all the other big companies are treading water with very similar sales.

And like JanSt says, these IDC graphs & Charts are largely meaningless.
But the Xperia range is doing very well for Sony, it helped reduce Sony's Computer division to report a much smaller loss than the previous year.


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