Sony Tablet P could’ve been loads different

Sony Tablet P could’ve been loads differentHats off once again to Sony for thinking outside ye olde box with the Tablet P. How many bloomin’ same-old 10.1in tablets can the world take?

The Android-rockin' 370g Sony Tablet P touched down last year with dual 5.5in displays, but it could’ve been a very different story. Yup.

Engadget China has been hanging out with Sony, and the Japanese manufacturer reveals that it played around with many a permutation before settling on the final design.

Apparently 5, 6 and 7in displays were all in the running before Sony opted for 5.5in. Earlier models were also thinner and less heavy on the bezel action, but the current model allows for a bigger battery. Good choice, Sony.

Interestingly, Windows XP was also considered for OS duties before Sony assigned Honeycomb (Android 3.2).

The Sony Tablet P’s dual screens can be used independently, or combined to form one large display. Sony’s apps are optimised to take advantage of the unique set up, and a YouTube video from Sony shows the Tablet P being held like a book while reading. Interesting.

There’s something hugely endearing about the little chap, but at £500 (for serious), I can’t see myself picking up a Sony Tablet P any time soon. I’ll give you £200, Sony.

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Stelph  Feb. 9, 2012 at 16:08

Shame sony didnt go the whole hog and essentially make it a "courier" type device. Some heavy customisation of Android, add a stylus, wouldve been ace. Still havent forgiven microsoft for killing that project


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