Sony Tablet S gets some early 2012 discount action

Sony Tablet S gets some early 2012 discount actionIf every year could begin with news like this we'd be pretty happy: Sony's Tablet S has been hit with a 20% price cut to give it fresh appeal for 2012.

OK, the cut only seems to be relevant over in the US for now, but hey – there ain't much else going on right now and we can always hope the price ripple will find its way across the Atlantic too.

The Android-flavoured slate is now officially on sale at the US Sony store, and has been seen $100 cut from both the 16GB (now $399) and 32GB (now $499) versions.

The listing for the pair claims “save $100 instantly”, and we haven't a clue what that actually means to be honest, so we can't say whether this is just a seasonal sale or a permanent price adjustment.

To be fair to the Tablet S, it's not like it's any less appealing than any other mobile offering at the minute. But the six weeks post-Christmas and pre-Mobile World Congress is always a dead time for the mobile industry – and it's closer to two months this year with MWC kicking off in late Feb this year – so it may be a strategic move to get the most from what little interest is actually out there.

And of course over in the US there's CES to think about too which starts in the next few days – the annual tech fest that Sony is always a fairly major player at.

So all told we haven't a bloody clue if we can expect Sony to lower the current £349 (16GB) and £429 (32GB) prices the Tablet S goes for here in the UK. But we wouldn't say no – it's not like they've been flying off the shelves so far, after all...

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corgi74  Jan. 2, 2012 at 12:44

I thought this was an iPad killer? (_;)

Stelph  Jan. 2, 2012 at 16:17

Only if you dropped it onto an iPad :-p


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