Sony Tablet S poised to go on sale in the next few weeks

Sony Tablet S poised to go on sale in the next few weeksWe felt all along that the name Sony S1 was a bit too generic to get the final nod and carry the electronics giant's hopes into the tablet arena for the first time.

And we were right. Sony clearly agrees and has ditched the name S1 and instead is going with the far stronger... Tablet S. Oh.

We've no doubt that countless focus groups and all sorts of demographic analysis led Sony to its final decision, and even if not, Tablet S is the name, so we may as well move on.

According to Engadget, the Tablet S will run Android Honeycomb 3.1 when it goes on sale in the first two weeks of September, but will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich once it becomes available.

In terms of features to help it stand out from the endless variations of other Android tablets out there, Sony is clearly pitching its slate as a central hub for controlling other DLNA-connected hardware in the home, and as we've been seeing increasingly from Sony Ericsson mobile phones this year, Sony will be shoehorning its various proprietary technologies into the Tablet S, from its Bravia screen tech to PlayStation Certified gaming.

Hopefully we'll hear more about its compatriot the Sony S2 tablet soon, including what crazy name Sony has thought up for its final christening.#mce_temp_url#

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