Sony Xperia V to adopt sensor-on-lens technology

Sony Xperia V to adopt sensor-on-lens technologyThere was an almighty Samsung Galaxy Note 2-shaped shadow over IFA in Berlin last month, and sitting under that shadow were the Sony Xperia T, V and J. So we’ve now got the Xperia J, P, S, T, U and V. Beautiful.

Where was I? Oh, turns out there’s a neat feature on the Sony Xperia V that the Japanese manufacturer neglected to mention, namely sensor-on-lens touchscreen technology.

Traditionally, touchscreens have three layers: the lens, sensor and display. In a nutshell, the Sony Xperia V integrates the lens and sensor, yielding a thinner screen, with improved touch performance and increased image quality. Nice.

Over on its developer pages, Sony explains that less glass and less glue means less haze, and around 5% better luminance. Better still, it "makes it feel like you are actually touching the image itself."

It's not clear if the larger Sony Xperia T will use the same technology as its IP55 and IP57-certified brother.

In any case, the Sony Xperia V won’t be the first smartphone to adopt the sensor-on-lens technology. That honour goes to the LG Optimus G. Yeah, the one that stole the 13MP.

The iPhone 5, too, is tipped for some sort of in-cell technology. We’ll find out for sure when Tim Cook & Co. officially launch the iPhone 5 later tonight.

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